Fathers’ Uplift works to assist fathers in overcoming barriers (financial barriers, addiction barriers, oppressive barriers, emotional barriers and traumatic barriers) that prevent them from remaining engaged in their children’s lives. Fathers have a powerful and positive impact upon the development and health of children. Fathers' Uplift is here to help each father reach their potential for themselves and the children in their lives.  We uplift fathers and strengthen families nationwide through service, love, and encouragement.

Fathers’ Uplift aims to:

  • Provides fathers with a safe space to spend time with their children in a stress free setting.
  • Support agencies in developing creative ways to increase male engagement and create a father friendly environment.
  • Address fathers’ concerns about poverty and the importance of their roles in the life of their family through supportive groups, psycho-educational support, and professional development that promote self-advocacy.
  • Engage in research and advocacy that render solutions on ways to engage fathers in the lives of their children.
  • Celebrate fathers and encourage others to do so.

Everyone has the potential to be a good parent. Emotional scars and systemic oppression, however, diminishes that potential. And we protect ourselves the best way we know how. Often times, we see fathers, remaining disengaged. Our uplifting duty requires us to pick our fathers up from the pits of despair and assist them in regaining every ounce of confidence they possessed before they encountered these barriers. We are obligated to help fathers overcome. We pride ourselves on being servants.



Meet our CEO and Founder

Charles Clayton Daniels, Jr.


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I grew up in Riverdale, Georgia. I went to Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida. In 2009, I graduated with my Bachelor of Art in Political Science and a minor in Public Administration. From there, I headed to Boston to attend graduate school at Simmons College’s School of Social Work. In 2012, I graduated with my Master’s in Social Work and a certification in Urban Leadership.


Before starting Fathers’ Uplift, I was a Social Worker for the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. After that I became a therapist for the Boston Public Commission in their Men’s Health and Recovery Program. I started Fathers’ Uplift because I really wanted to take my learnings about fatherhood and share them with other fathers to help them as they transition into fatherhood. I look to Patrick Patterson as a professional role model. He is an award winning motivational speaker, advocate and influencer of change for fathers, men, boys and families all over the world. Professionally, I am most proud of creating our new program at Fathers’ Uplift called Pre-Father Care: Prenatal Care for Fathers. It was designed to provide support to men who are transitioning into fatherhood at every phase of their pregnancy. Personally, I am most proud of my son, Clayton, who inspires me by all he has taught me since he was born.


If I could invite one person to dinner with my family, it would be Denzel Washington. His words of wisdom and energy are contagious. My favorite quote by him that I could use to describe my own life is “Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship”.


When I’m not at Fathers’ Uplift, you can find me traveling with my wife, Samantha and our son, Clayton. And in between work and the traveling, I am definitely trying to fit in some rest!