Thank You for a Successful 2017 POWER Gala!


The 2017 POWER Gala was a huge success! It was a great night to join together and celebrate the fathers in our community. The fathers we work with face numerous challenges on a daily basis and it was important to put some time aside to acknowledge their work to improve their lives and the lives of their families. We were especially proud of Javon Taylor, the recipient of the Douglas Lomax Legacy Award. Dr. Michael Yogman, our keynote speaker and Fatherhood Pioneer Award recipient, delivered a power message that will definitely stick with us. None of it would have been possible without our generous donors. We hope you had an amazing night and hope to see you again next year!

The Douglas Lomax Legacy Award was created in honor of Mr. Douglas Lomax who played a key role in Charles Daniels’ life during the time that he worked for Mr. Lomax before starting Fathers’ Uplift. Over twenty years ago, Mr. Lomax suffered from addiction. When asked how he managed to change a dark and dreary situation into a life of serving thousands of men, Mr. Lomax unapologetically credits his change to a higher power that “removed the taste of drugs from his tongue.” He used the pain he experienced to inspire men in jails across the country and ensure that they would have adequate resources to reintegrate into their communities. While he became a servant to his community he also focused on becoming a servant to his children. In 2016, Mr. Lomax was the first recipient of the Douglas Lomax Legacy award during Fathers’ Uplift’s first POWER Gala. Fathers’ Uplift plans to continue to celebrate the legacy of Mr. Lomax each year by awarding The Douglass Lomax Legacy Award to a deserving father who has managed to overcome obstacles and be the father they’ve always wanted to be.

Javon Taylor, the recipient of the 2017 Douglas Lomax Legacy Award, has been a member of the Fathers’ Uplift community for three years. He came to Fathers’ Uplift after serving a 16 month prison sentence. According to Javon, “I didn’t have no money and I was hopeless.” Javon was determined to become a better father. When he first began working with Charles, he didn’t have custody of his children and was struggling to escape an unhealthy lifestyle.  Javon began to take advantage of Fathers’ Uplift’s clinical and coaching services by attending weekly individual and group therapy sessions. Since joining Fathers’ Uplift, Javon has gained custody of his two children and a job as an ironworker for the City of Boston. Javon acknowledges that there will always be opportunities to continue to grow. Still, Javon knows that he may not be where he wants to be, but more importantly, he is not where he used to be. We proudly presented Javon with the Douglas Lomax Award for the example he sets everyday by committing to bettering his life and the life of his family, refusing to give up in trying situations and continuing to dream and grow.

Our keynote address of the eventing was delivered by Dr. Michael Yogman. He is the Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School with over 30 years of experience. Dr. Yogman teaches on and researches the relationship between father and child. He also serves on our Board of Directors. During his speech he shared a stellar message about the importance of fathers was truly inspirational.

We presented Dr. Yogman with the Fatherhood Pioneer Award for his research and advocacy efforts to make sure fathers receive the care and treatment they deserve. It was the first time that we have given this award out, but thought it was important to recognize his work in the community and work to help make Fathers’ Uplift a success!   

Mr. Balloontastic was on hand to make amazing balloon sculptures for all the kids! Thank you Mr. Balloontastic for all of the entertainment and balloon creations!

No part of this event would have been possible without the help from all of our sponsors! A huge, ginormous thank you all of our corporate partners for their generous donations!

-Hipshot Band

-Downtown Uplighting

-Cinquecentro Roman Trattoria

-Boston Children's Museum

-Wachusett Mountain

-NE Audio Rental

-J.P. Licks

-New England Revolution

-Boston Red Sox

-5 Wits

-New England Zoo

-T.D. Garden

-Urban Adventures

-Whole Foods


We are excited to announce that we have already chosen a date for next year! We will hold the POWER Celebration on Father’s Day, June 17th, 2018. Hope you can join us!  



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Charles is tirelessly motivated to identify the problems that are preventing men from being in their children's lives and finding powerful, sustainable ways to help fathers work through those problems in order to re-engage and remain engaged. Charles is inspired by these wise words, from his mentor, Dr. Anthony Owens from Daytona Beach, Florida: "Don’t let your negative determine your future—keep pushing."