Fathers’ Uplift Launches The Male Engagement Institute

Courses Will Provide Social Work Clinicians with Tools to Better Counsel Men and their Families


BOSTON, Mass. - August 20, 2017 - Fathers’ Uplift, the nation’s first Outpatient Mental Health Center for Child, Paternal Health, and Male Engagement, today announced the launch of The Male Engagement Institute, formed to provide practitioners with the tools to better engage men and their families in their communities.


The Male Engagement Institute has been approved to offer continuing education credit hours to social work clinicians by the Collaborative of National Association of Social Workers Massachusetts Chapter, as well as the Boston College and Simmons College Schools of Social Work.


Fathers’ Uplift was established to provide fathers with the clinical mental health care to more easily adjust to the challenges, emotions, and needs of becoming and being a father. Today’s announcement is the latest extension of that mission, enabling the organization to scale its clinical approach to working with fathers and their families to other clinicians around the state.


The Male Engagement Institute will launch with two courses offered this month:

  • Engaging Fathers and Families in Clinical, Education and Communal Settings (NASW Authorization Number: D 72887); August 11, 2017, from 9am - 4pm

  • A Seat At The Table: What Female Service Providers Should Know About Engaging Men (NASW Authorization Number: D 72897); August 12, 2017, from 9am - 4pm


Additional courses will be offered in the future as The Male Engagement Institute expands its offerings.


For additional information on The Male Engagement Institute, and to register for courses, please visit this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/fathers-uplifts-male-engagement-institute-t...


About Fathers’ Uplift

Fathers’ Uplift works to assist fathers in overcoming barriers (financial barriers, addiction barriers, oppressive barriers, emotional barriers and traumatic barriers) that prevent them from remaining engaged in their children’s lives. Fathers have a powerful and positive impact upon the development and health of children. Fathers' Uplift is here to help each father reach their potential for themselves and the children in their lives.


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About Charles

Charles is tirelessly motivated to identify the problems that are preventing men from being in their children's lives and finding powerful, sustainable ways to help fathers work through those problems in order to re-engage and remain engaged. Charles is inspired by these wise words, from his mentor, Dr. Anthony Owens from Daytona Beach, Florida: "Don’t let your negative determine your future—keep pushing."