‘Under The Radar With Callie Crossley’ on WGBH Featuring Charles Daniels, Dr. Michael Yogman and Dr. Ray Levy

Recently, Charles was a guest on ‘Under The Radar With Callie Crossley’ a radio program on WGBH in Boston. The segment was a roundtable conversation about fathers, their role in families and how that has evolved through generations. Charles was joined by Dr. Michael Yogman, a Pediatrician at Yogman Pediatric Associates in Cambridge, MA and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. On top of that, we are proud to have him serve on the Advisory Board at Fathers’ Uplift. Also on the panel was Dr. Ray Levy, who is the founder and executive director of The Fatherhood Project, which is a non-profit which empowers fathers to be engaged in their children’s lives.

To hear the full program, click here.

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About Charles

Charles is tirelessly motivated to identify the problems that are preventing men from being in their children's lives and finding powerful, sustainable ways to help fathers work through those problems in order to re-engage and remain engaged. Charles is inspired by these wise words, from his mentor, Dr. Anthony Owens from Daytona Beach, Florida: "Don’t let your negative determine your future—keep pushing."