Eric Clark


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Since 2008, it has been Eric’s goal to pursue a career in the field of social work. He has overcome many obstacles in his life such as substance abuse, violence and poverty. The struggles he encountered in his life compelled him to be a helper to the underserved.  His mother’s struggles with the disease of addiction motivated him to be a role model to his siblings. His passion for helping others has been a driving force in his life. Through his lived experiences, he had gained a hunger to understand the impact of trauma on human development. Currently, Eric is a Male Engagement intern at Fathers’ Uplift, Inc. In this position, he supports fathers and their families with achieving their desired goals and maintaining a healthy relationship. Eric is a full time student in his fourth year of the Bachelor of Social Work Program at Wheelock College. Upon successful completion of the program in May of 2017, he plans on pursuing a master’s degree in social work.